Friday, February 3, 2012

follow the rules

Chuck Wendig posted a writing challenge on Twitter that was a very useful interpretation of the seven-point method of plot development.

His challenge was to use the seven points not to write a novel, but to write a 1000 word flash fiction piece.

I did one better. I used his challenge to write an incredibly short seven act flash fiction piece.

Presented now for your consideration, annotated with Mr. Wendig's act titles is, boom, by Ed Varga


Act 1 Intro
“I'm so worried about you being gone for a week, dear. There have been all these break-ins lately and I feel so much safer when you're around.”

Act 2 Problem or Attack
“You shot me! Motherfucker, you shot me!”

Act 3 Initial Struggle
“I didn't mean to! This is all your fault. Showing me how to use your gun was your idea!”

Act 4 Complications
“Wait, what?! I was showing you how to use my gun, not how to shoot your husband! If I have any fault in this situation it was in presuming you knew that bullets came out of that hole at high speed and in the direction the gun is pointed when the trigger is pulled! Didn't you ever watch a Bugs Bunny cartoon?”

Act 5 Failed Attempts
“Argh! You are such a drama queen. Sit still, I'll get the Neosporin.”

Act 6 Major Crisis
“Drama queen?! Listen up Annie Oakley, I'm no doctor but I'm pretty sure the fact that I can't stand up and I'm bleeding into my shoes means you struck an artery! Forget first aid and call 911!”

Act 7 Climax and Resolution
"I should call? I think the brainiac who put the gun in my hand in the first place should have to call. And tell them to hurry. Your flight leaves in two hours!"