Monday, June 4, 2012

one thousand words...

I am an internet news addict. I love obscure stories and life's observations from a thousand different viewpoints all at the same time. The flood of information feeds the deep down ADD 12 year old that I really am and my ability to recall obscure facts and anecdotes faster than the state capitols is self-validation of my desire to be a writer.

Recently I saw a story about a seventy-year-old Scottish railway experiment. The inventor's attempt was to double the use of existing railroad right-of-ways by constructing an elevated track over the pathway of the existing rails. Brilliant! The added transport system consisted of an aerodynamically shaped passenger car supported on over-and-under monorails. Brilliantly Brilliant! To top it off, the car is transported by air pressure developed by twin propellers mounted  both fore and aft of the passenger car. Holy Shit, that's infinite number of angels on the head of a pin Brilliant!

The original photos from the 30's are nostalgic yet uninspiring, depicting the test of the train system on the incredibly short portion of track. Even with the hazardous position of a large diameter propeller blade in close proximity of passengers on the platform, the photos depict a world in control and without options.

On the other hand, photos taken 20 years later, just prior to its dismantling for scrap, show the rusted prototype towers and the deceased transport system dangling listlessly by an elevated passenger platform.

It was this image that resonated with me like the dickens and sent my mind supersonic in the direction of a world that never existed except between my ears.I imagined a time and a world where the unconventional was inspiring and worthy of at the least giving it a try even if the evidence of failure hung literally right over the heads of the inventors. For me this is gold. Instantly the abandoned train car inspired a vision for the world I am currently writing about and kept my subconscious transfixed until I could start describing it in words.

I am becoming more familiar with this metamorphic writing process even though its sentient nature still scares the crap out of me. With my ABNA finalist novel out of the running, I was planning a different story and really starting to get into it. Then a new idea popped into my head and I wrote a couple of pages swearing I was going to get back to the other story as soon as I had the notes done. My new WIP now consumes me. I have five chapters written so far and unlike my previous novels, this time I am abandoning the seven point plot outline and going with the three act scene outline method. Wish me luck, I have to get back to writing.