Monday, November 9, 2015

The final thoughts of Lt. Joseph "G.I. Joe" Gliniewicz after he went too far.

Aside from the names and events described, what follows is an entirely fictional story inspired by journalistic depictions from news media of the events of September 1, 2015, and the subsequent revelations and allegations of misconduct. No disrespect is meant to anyone, especially the Gliniewicz family, the Village of Fox Lake, Law Enforcement agencies, or youth outreach programs, nor is the story intended to tarnish the nearly 30 years of service that Lt. Gliniewicz provided to his community.

Hold on Joe, just hold on. Calm down... Think! think. It's not... I just need to think. Man did I fuck this up. Just hang on. Where's my gun? Dammit! Okay, think... It's gonna be fine, you just need to figure this out. You can do this. They never... they came close but you always came out on top... smelling like a fucking rose, man... None of 'em. Nobody figured it out yet. They got nothing on me. That scrawny bitch. She won't take me down. None of 'em will. I never stole nothing in my life, nothing I didn't deserve. Man, I just need to breathe. Come on, Joe. Breathe man! You got help on the way. Remember the story. Just stick to the story. Line of duty injury. That bitch. Man, fuck her. She's gonna take away what I earned? Fuck no. Christ this hurts. Move your arm, man. Come on, just move your arm. Move something... Come on. Move, man. Not much longer now. Help's coming. You're gonna retire. That party... I'm retiring sweetheart, no one's gonna find out, come on, just the tip... Air conditioning in there, man. Nice and cool. Fucking EMT's get air conditioning where they work... I'm sweating my balls off... Stay here. Just stay. Move something, man. A toe, anything. Something's wrong. Where's my gun? Scared the shit outta me when it went off... What happened, I know what I was doing. It just, I must have... too low. That's it. John fucking McClane did it. Clean, through and through. Hero time... I was just protecting the citizens... I'm a fucking hero. I do the job... thirty fucking years I did it. Fuck the Village Administrator and her whole fucking office... What the fuck is that. What gives her the right? Money? That's nothing. I'm here, sweating... Scared the shit outta me. Where's my gun? Man is it hot. Christ... if I could just move a little. It'll come back... I'll be back. Just breathe, Joe. Come on. Where's my backup? If my gun's under me that'll ruin it. I can't be on my gun. They took it from me and dropped it. So hot. Summertime on the Chain. Next time you shoot yourself... just a breeze would be nice. Come on, God. A little breeze. I'll make it right. It'll be okay.... You want me to say I'm sorry? Fuck yea, I'm sorry. Sorry I fucked this up. Fucking gun scared the shit outta me. Too soon, bitch. I wasn't ready. Just this last one. One more time, then I'm straight. No more. I got nothing more than what they owed me. That's all. Just a loaf of bread... if my kids was starving... just a loaf... it's fine, I'll be fine. I'm just bleeding... my fucking thumb... I musta let go. The round launched it off me. Good, good. My gun's over there, not next to me, perfect... Never shoot a gun with your thumb on the trigger. John McClane, man, he could do it. Right through the shoulder. Sure to miss, don't hit anything important. Christ... it went too deep. The vest. I shoulda thought about that. The vest was in the way. Next time. Loosen the Velcro. The muzzle... That's what did it. Thumb on the trigger... I couldn't balance it... no meeting for you Anne. I'm a hero. I got shot. When I get out I'll be retired. Stop worrying about the money I took, worry about finding my pension in the budget. The kids. I'll tell the kids what I did. They'll fucking build a statue... I squeezed too hard... damnit... how else? My vest. Shoulda taken it off. The vest wouldn't move away. How'm I gonna shoot myself in the fucking shoulder with the top of the vest in the way? ... I tried to push it out of the way. Damnit Joe! Take the vest off. You rushed it. Stuck the barrel in... tried to line the shot up... the collar bone, man. Shoot there... just like Die Hard. You squeezed the trigger asshole. What the fuck? Fucking idiot, man. Come on backup. I need you. Finally, a fucking breeze. Yea man, we're okay now. Nice and cool...too cool... Your dad's a hero, D.J.... Punks tried to shoot him... you can't kill G.I. Joe, man... he's lost a lotta blood but he's a fighter. You'll see. Your old man's a hero. That bullet went deep. Fuck man, that fucking bullet. Never put your thumb on the trigger and never use your pistol to pry your vest off your shoulder... Fucked up, man, I fucked up. Come on, man, open your eyes... No texts for you Anne. Can't make the meeting, I'm in the hospital. Leave him alone, he took a bullet for Fox Lake. He's a hero. He was here before you and he'll be here after you're just a bad memory. Just let him be. He's a hero. That bullet went too deep... Fuck me... No way I'm dying here. No fucking way. Where's my gun? Shit... I can't feel it. It was in my hand. No way I'm dying. I'm a hero. Clean up my stuff, man. I'd do it for you. Clean it up, throw it away. I'm dying, fuck I'm dying, I can't... I can't hear... no sirens man, I need backup! What's going on? It's almost done... Just get me home, I'll be fine. Just come get me... I'm sorry man, I fucked up. Don't let me... I'm just wounded. Don't leave me here. Come on, it's just money God. Don't let me die for that. I paid for it, man, I'm just doin' my job. Don't call my wife. I just need some time to figure this out. Just breathe man, just take it easy. A week from now you'll be sleeping in every day, Joe. All you gotta do is figure this out. I need to move... come on, Joe. You've been worse off... just a shoulder wound, maybe a little more. Get the mother fuckers that shot me. Remember the story man, stick to the story. You got shot in the line of duty, Fuck man, too late, you fuckers! Come get me! Where are you? I can't... I can't... I'm a hero... I'm a hero... Why now? Just money... Come on, man, breathe, why can't you breathe? Never use your thumb to shoot yourself. Tell the explorers... remember kids, not the thumb. Don't... loosen your vest first, kids, loosen your vest first so you can feel your collar bone. The EMT's are gonna take it off you anyway... no one will know you loosened it first... Just a clean shot... Yea, it's gonna hurt but getting pinched hurts worse... no one's gonna tell me to be in a meeting when I've been shot... I'm a hero... I'm a hero...